Complete Industry Coating Solutions

We have high volume product coating process solutions across our range of finishes. We cater for 2K urethane applications, 1K Acrylic applications, Screenprinting applications & Latex Acrylic indoor appplications. THERMOX only undertake extensive commercial works, for any single applications or short run applications contact your local spray painting or screen printing tradespeople and show them our extensive product brochure.


Our extensive 2016/2017 Product Catalogue comprises of the custom coating elements we manufacture and can customise into just about any solution - We can custom develop 1K Acrylic, 1K Enamel, 2K Urethane, 2K Epoxy Resin, 2K EPOXY Screenprinting Ink, Silcone Screen Printing Ink, Waterbased Screenprinting Ink, High Tensile Tray Liner Coatings and much more.

We don't do boring finishes, so standard colour spectrums will be unavailable, we purely manufacture specialised effect coatings that recreate substances or react and transform with the assistance of environmental properties.

Whether our products will be used at home or on a large scale, we can assist with available order quanities ranging from 500ml, through to 1000 Litres as required and YES we can ship internationally.

Commercial Application

We can deliver and employ high volume production methods to custom coat your products with quality and in any quantity. Contact Us to find out how we can tailor-make a solution to suit your needs.